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Here you find infos about website updates

2023 - March

March 2023


CSS bug concerning the menu on mobile devices solved.


Integrated Chinese search engine and added all keywords.


All poems translated into Chinese with the help of artificial intelligence


Basic structure translated and created in Chinese

The entire structure of the website was redesigned.


Improved descriptions of the German search engine (but still incomplete).


Created and integrated the new search engine in the German section.


Search engine completely replaced and rebuilt.


Removed voting system due to cross-origin problems.


Improved search engine and formatted search results more appealingly.

2023 - April

April 2023


Improved semantics of the website.

Reduced website loading times.


Added all vendor prefixes and cleaned up redundancies.

Added "a new look" to the menu.


Added poem graphic borders for website to random generator to create random borders on images.

A lot of HTML adjusted and optimized / CSS also matched.

NoScript messages written if JavaScript is not enabled. The website will work without JavaScript but with reduced features.

Fixed CSS errors caused by the compression.


Highly compressed CSS and sorted alphabetically.


Created random border generator script for all summary tags.


Made many improvements in CSS. Light animation set up for button.


Improved CSS background of the poems.

Added a license line under all poem graphics from the Digital Artwork section to facilitate an easier and simpler distribution.

Improved javascript to show the current poem URL in the browser bar.

Created and uploaded 7 new poem graphics.


Revised Digital Artwork section and created and uploaded 11 new poetry graphics (in English!).

English information section has been started to revise.


Created and uploaded 4 new poem graphics.

Completed, linked and uploaded all .txt files for download in the German section.

Improved and adjusted button for light and dark mode.


Javascript sorting script for the poems fully implemented and integrated.


Created thumbnails for the 3D animations.

Updated sitemap.

Repaired broken links.

Removed interfering meta tags.

Optimized and customized javascript.

Validated every single page in W3 Validator.


Updated meta tags in layout 2 and modified all invalid tags to pass the W3 validation.

Replaced main graphic throughout with sprites to increase page speed and minimize HTTP requests.

Introduced cache-control meta tag but deleted it shortly after because it does not pass the W3 validation.


Changed ornament tags from div to span for a better semantic.

Added a br tag below each poem heading and adjusted the CSS accordingly.

Added one-click poem copy function in javascript.

h6 tags were embedded in summary tags.

Javascript copy and paste script was completely revised.

Poems were embedded in section tags for a one-click copy function.

Breadcrumb navigation completed in the German section.


The category c_en was renamed into hashtag to display the breadcrumb navigation better understandable, all links were adjusted accordingly.

The meta tag "strict-origin-when-crossorigin" caused problems in the console for many pages, replaced it with "origin-when-crossorigin".

Created javascript for the voting form so that the breadcrumb navigation displays the previous and the current links properly.

Breadcrumb navigation in english area completed.

Added HTML meta tag "strict-origin-when-crossorigin" to increase privacy and security of the website.


HTML attributes noopener and noreferrer added to increase site security.

Started to create a breadcrumb navigation.

Created a home site.


Added Aria-label tag to qualifying elements.

All HTML validation errors in the hashtag search have been fixed.

Uploaded some German poem graphics and restructured the German graphics section to match the English section.

The URL copy function and the voting function do not yet work with the hashtag search. Problem is under construction.

The category Information needs a complete overhaul and will therefore be useless for a longer period of time.


Designed a new nesting format to display the license information of the poetry graphics (category artwork) in a proper and stylish way.

Converted end part from normal div into footer tag.

Converted menu from normal div into nav tag.


There are currently html display and also validation issues with the nested pages of the poetry graphics and the faq section.

Goatcounter scripts have been completely removed because the majority of the readers are using adblockers or similar scripts.

Added "canonical link" and "hreflang link" in the head area since the website is multilingual.

Removed surplus iframes from the hashtag search.

Changed language from en-gb to en.

URL to the respective poem is now displayed in the browser to facilitate copy and paste.


Fixed problems with the menu in CSS.

Removed the loading="eager" attribute from main graphics because it is anyway the default mode.

Updated meta tags with specific keywords and changed website description.

All buttons that were embedded in "a-tags" have been modified.

Enclosed all poems into article tags to increase accessibility but also readability for screen readers etc..

Corrected the HTML meta tags.

Corrected and semantically improved HTML code of the search form.

Removed the attribute type="button" from all button tags.

replaced Less-than sign with ‹‹‹ to increase accessibility and readability.

replaced More-than sign with ››› to increase accessibility and readability.

Checked website for HTML problems with W3 HTML Validator.


Optimized the Javascript URL copy function and replaced it everywhere.

Added URL copy option for all poetry graphics in category artwork.

Added URL copy option for the 3d graphics in the German layout

Removed spaces from all graphic filenames.

Individual CSS errors due to the new structure have been adjusted.

Javascript was adapted to the new structure

The structure of the website has been completely changed from "checkbox hack" to "details/summary tags".


Already after the first book conversion to details/summary tags the first CSS/design errors appeared which are now fixed. Now I continue the conversion of the rest of the website.

Started to change the entire page structure from the "checkbox hack" to "details and summary tags" to provide a better accessibility for blind and deaf people and to further improve the semantic structure for search engines and several reader devices.

Converted all poem headings from "b tag/element" to "h3 tag/element" to improve the semantic structure.

Fixed in German book 14 a critical html error.


A gift button was placed under each poem as a way to support KiBLS Poetry.


The first (very short) writing articles were added to the Writings category.

2023 - March

March 2023


Translated book 29 completely into German.

Basic structure for book 29 translated into German and optimized.


Integrated book 29 into the hashtag search.

Updated voting function for book 29.

Compressed all news entries.

All MP3 files of book 29 created and uploaded.

Adapted descriptions for the search engine for book number 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29.


Adapted descriptions for the search engine for book number 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23.

Fixed CSS menu problem in the german layout


Adapted descriptions for the search engine for book number 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.


Adapted descriptions for the search engine for book number 2 and 3.


Adapted descriptions for the search engine for book number 1.

Added all graphics for the poems of book 29


Categorized poems of book 29 for the hashtag search

Updated hashtag search categories wisdom and trust completely


Updated hashtag search categories thought provoking, theater, self-realization, sarcasm, relaxation, relationship, prophecy, nature, motivating, materialism, love, life advice, knowledge, know thyself and inspiring completely


Updated hashtag search categories inspiring, insight, illumination, health, flowers and gratitude completely

Fixed all broken and outdated google translate links


Updated hashtag search categories fable, encouraging, dystopic, cryptic, connections and change completely


Updated links in the german section


Updated hashtag search category analogy completely

Embedded the entire news section into a table

Modified the titles in the hashtag search category KiBLS

Corrected the numbering of the CSS checkboxes and labels in the hashtag search category KiBLS


Fixed all links except book 29 (because of "still" missing graphics)

Removed redundant and old named html pages

Updated hashtag search category KiBLS completely


Removed CSS title tags from the menu for a better usability and readability

Updated hashtag search category KiBLS until e-book 02

Heading fonts of the new graphics adjusted


Fixed many broken links

Menu has been updated on every site

Added a new "writings" and a "news" section


Added many new (respectively old) poetry graphics


Graphic section was expanded and adjusted

2023 - February

February 2023


Added poems of e-book 29 in layout 2


Added txt files of e-book 29 for download


Added e-book number 29