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This section contains content on the art of poetics

Poetics 01 - Oracle of wisdom
Let yourself create a personal oracle message. Open in Browser
Poetics 02 - Random poem
Get random poem graphics displayed. Open in Browser
Poetics 03 - Write a poem
Write a poem or lyrics, find rhymes and save your work as a txt file. Open in Browser
Poetics 04 - Writings
Read various texts written by KiBLS. Open in Browser
Poetics 05 - 3D Gallery
You will now leave the 2D website of KiBLS ( and switch to the 3D Gallery of KiBLS ( which (for traffic reasons) has been uploaded to another hoster. By switching to the other hoster you accept the terms of use and the privacy policy of Geocities.

The 3D Gallery was created with Blend4web under the
GNU General Public License.

All the related source files can be downloaded here.

To navigate through the 3D Gallery, hold down the left mouse button to rotate the view and then click on the images or descriptions you want to examine more closely. To change the room, click on one of the two doors or use the navigation map next to the left door.

Click on the button below to switch to the 3D Gallery.

Enter 3D Gallery