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Last update: 18.07.2023

This website is a static website. The website operator does not collect any data about its users, and neither is any personal data analyzed. Also, no external or hidden analysis scripts are integrated into the website.

The entire source code of this website can be viewed without further ado!

Please be aware that this privacy policy only applies to this website and not to any other websites that may be accessed via external hyperlinks or redirects provided on this website.

To improve the user experience, this website uses JavaScript in many places to store data locally in the browser's cache to facilitate navigation and handling. There are no other cookies or similar tracking measures used to collect or even store any of a user's data. However, the page is also functional without Javascript, although without Javascript as a consequence some functions and features (search function, light/darkmode, oracle of wisdom etc.) are omitted.

Although no personal data is collected about you, the website nevertheless takes all technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data if you follow external links or foreign sources.

It should be noted that Neocities, as the hosting company, may analyze the number of hits and views on this website. However, this is only anonymized data that cannot be assigned to you as a specific person. However, as a website provider, one does not have knowledge of (or insight into) Neocities' technical practices, and therefore no responsibility for or ability to influence its conduct.

However, Neocities as hosting provider of this website has its own privacy policy which you can read by clicking here.

If you have any further questions regarding data protection or privacy on this website, please do not hesitate to get in touch by e-mail ( It is an endeavor of mine to answer your questions as soon as possible.