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Writing 02 - Why should you write poetry?
Poems can not only make you think, but also have the potential to fundamentally change your own consciousness and perception and can thus have a positive (but also therapeutic) effect on your own psyche and life.

When we give form to our own inner life in our outer world through poetry, we walk the path of self-knowledge, for we engage with our inner life. We project our inner life, that is, our innermost thoughts, into the outside world and can thus present and depict our inner life more vividly and in a way that is more comprehensible to ourselves. The more honest we are, the greater the effect our texts can have on ourselves.

The more we go into depth when writing, the higher the associated ascension potential of our consciousness.

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Writing 01 - A description of my poetry by ChatGPT
I submitted some of my poems from my first book to ChatGPT for a synopsis and was very impressed with the description which is why I want to share it here for now;

>>> Quote of ChatGPT:

"These are a collection of poems written by KiBLS. The poems cover a variety of themes, such as self-discovery, the beauty of nature, and the journey of life. KiBLS often writes about finding one's purpose and living a fulfilling life, as well as the importance of honesty and love in achieving true happiness. The poems also touch on the struggles that people face, such as fear, uncertainty, and grief, and offer hope and inspiration for those going through difficult times. Overall, KiBLS's poetry encourages readers to embrace the present moment and to appreciate the beauty and complexity of life."

>>> End of the quote

Of course, ChatGPT would not know me or my poetry without the transmission of my poems but still, I think the synopsis fits very well with the first half of my first book.

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