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The chessboard graphic will always take you back to the start page. Under the chessboard graphic you can choose your language on the left side and a category on the right side.

As soon as you open an e-book, the language and category selectors disappear and you will see two navigation arrows in the same place. Clicking the left arrow will open the previous book. If you click the right arrow, the next book will open.

Just click on the chessboard graphic to get back to the main page.

If you still have questions regarding the navigation, feel free to write to me at
Yes, I am the author of every poem.

However, some poems were written with co-authors. Nevertheless, they are subject to the same free license and can be reused in the same way.
- Read more of my poems
- Share my poems with others
- Work on yourself and your consciousness

And of course I'm happy if you subscribe to my website and revisit it from time to time. I am also very pleased about inspiring comments.

It would be great if you link to my website. You can choose from the following designs

KiBLS Poetry
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KiBLS Poetry
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Just copy and paste one of the codes above on your website to support KiBLS Poetry. More designs will follow in the near future.
I'm happy if you share my work with other people or if you spread the word about it.

Feel free to use it on your homepage, post it on social media, or just share it with family and friends.

The CC BY-SA 4.0 license grants you even more rights for use (both private and commercial).

If you have any questions about the license or usage, don't hesitate to ask for it at
You can simply copy the following text part and post or share it together along with the poem (the graphic or audio file). Replace only the first word with the respective poem title, that way you do everything properly.

"Poem title, Author: KiBLS, Source:, License:"

* If you want to publish several poems at once, it is also sufficient to add a note at the bottom of the poems with the necessary license information.
All my audio books were spoken by an AI.

For more information visit this website
Yes, you will find a download option under each poem to download it in TXT, PNG or MP3 format.

Just select the MP3 format to download the respective poem as audio file.
Neocities does not support audio files (in the free version). That's why I use another provider in this case, which supports audio files and also video files.

Therefore you have to save the individual audio files additionally with a right click.

The complete audiobooks have been uploaded to Google Drive (due to the high storage requirements) and can be downloaded directly from Neocities without any problems.

If you have any questions or problems with the downloads, don't hesitate to write me at
If you have any questions or problems that occur when downloading files, please do not hesitate to write me. Please specify the exact file it is about and write me at
More than the half of my poems have already a poem graphic that you can download.

If you still miss a poem you would like to have as a graphic, write me which poem you would like to have as a graphic and I will create a graphic with it (if the poem is not too long).

Alternatively, you may of course create a poem graphic from my poems yourself - of course, the necessary license information should not be missing.
It could be that the poem is too long, or that I haven't gotten around to creating a graphic for the poem in question.
You may use, post, and redistribute any poem graphic (unmodified) without further license attribution.

All necessary license information is already included in the poem graphics.
Each 3D graphic was created by me with Blender 3D.

For more information visit this website
Under each 3D graphic are also the license conditions noted. Usually my 3D graphics are as free as my poems, but there are exceptions. If no license condition is noted under the 3D graphic, you are not allowed to use the graphic.
This is "maybe" possible. Send me your request to

* Please note that each of my .Blend files is only fully supported up to Blender version 2.78 and you may encounter problems with newer Blender versions.
For the random number generator to work, Javascript must be enabled in the browser.
The category Random Poems works with Javascript and a random generator. It is possible that duplicate poems are displayed from time to time. The english version contains 82 poems which are displayed randomly.
I use exclusively my own fonts, which I created with Fontforge.

For more information visit this website
You're very welcome! You can download them here and use them for all the projects you have (both private and commercial).


KiBLS poems were often recommended and shared on many channels, profiles, blogs and websites. Here is a small (but incomplete) overview.

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KiBLS is a kind of acronym and at the same time a newly formed artificial word. KiBLS started writing poetry privately in 2007.

On 10.04.2017 KiBLS began to publish his first works freely on the Internet. First only on Steemit and that also only with very moderate interest from the readers. Only a few weeks later, KiBLS found the platform Minds where, to his great surprise, he quickly found many subscribers and a steadily growing readership.

When the FB censorship wave hit Vietnam, Minds was flooded with new users from Vietnam and KiBLS realized that his poetry was not only popular in the German and English speaking countries, but also with Vietnamese readers. Through sites like Golos and Uptrennd (meanwhile offline), KiBLS realized that his poetry was finding many readers even in Russia and Africa.

Over time, KiBLS reached well over 8,000 subscribers on Minds alone and began to engage in various censorship-free social media. However, he soon realized that it was very time consuming to publish in many different medias and limited himself to the platform Minds where he already had 8,000 subscribers. This was followed by several articles from various online journals (for example in the "Searchenginejournal" and the Turkish "Teknotomy") in which KiBLS' channel and his poems were recommended.

Over time, the butterfly and the chessboard became a kind of trademark of KiBLS. Then, in 2021, KiBLS withdrew completely from social media and it became quieter on the internet around his poetry.

To be continued...?

The PDF versions of the German e-books are still in progress.
No, at the moment it is not possible.
Since this page is maintained and edited manually, there are still a lot of errors (both grammatical and typographical). Please write me the exact position of the error and I will fix it as soon as possible.

So for example:

Book 1 - Poem 14 - Line 2 the 3rd word must be capitalized.

Send everything to the following address
Be prepared that a response from me may take longer on some days than on others. In rare cases it can also take much longer.
This website was not created for business purposes, but for personal and family purposes only.

Internet pages used exclusively for private purposes are not subject to an imprint obligation in Germany (according to §18 MStv and §5 TMG).

KiBLS Poetry 2007 -
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